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Self Evaluation

So, I did not do absolutely everything I set out to do by the due date of this project. My EP still needs a lot of work, it has not been mastered, it has not been released. I do not think, however, that a creative project like this can be rushed to fit such a deadline. This EP means more to me than a senior project. I care about these songs and I care about myself as a musician. I worked long and hard on this project, stretching my musical capabilities, my ear, and my scheduling skills. I believe that senior projects are about having that extra bit of space, time, and motivation to do what you're passionate about, and on your own terms - I would consider this project a resounding success for that reason, and I am looking forward to seeing it completed.


I learned so much over these past couple of months. I learned how difficult it was to truly make my vision come true - learned when to sacrifice certain ideas and when to stick to others. I learned that often times, simplicity is golden (I had been told this, but it felt better to learn it in action). Working with Everett Moore, I learned so much about the process of mixing and recording music, about the synthesis of sound electronically and the importance of understanding the physics of sound, and about the struggles and the joys that come with working so closely with a musical partner. I think this project has been an important step in my musical career, and honestly, I can't wait to get back to it!

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