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Learning Journal

9/8 - Almost finished with the arrangement/production of This Time Around, just needs vocals and some touch ups! Did a 30 minute beat challenge with Everett, that was fun!


9/10 - added vocals, did some touch ups, I think This Time Around is done! Just needs mixing


9/15 - started tracking for Summer Rain, trying to figure out the best way… probably will record high and low guitar separately


9/20 - did a bunch of tracking for Summer Rain, but in the end we just kept a rougher one from before, it sounded more genuine and just better. Tracked some piano which made it sound a lot better


9/24 - Added the rest of summer rain (bass, drums, keyboards, other guitar).


9/27 - Mixed summer rain.


10/2 - Started on Stay Awake, just the initial drum beat and song layout




11/3 - Layed down guitar and percussion for stay awake, sounding good!


11/6 - Layed down bass and scratch vocals


12/8 - Harmonies for stay awake! Also mixing 


12/15 - Finished harmonies and some mixing/additions, it’s sort of done for now?


12/20 - Loooong mixing sesh on This Time Around


12/25 - More This Time Around mixing, almost done!



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